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Let's get you on the road to 1st time success with driving lessons

About Me

About Me


 I'm James Houghton, I've been a fully qualified DVSA driving instructor for over 13 years and as a Grade A (highest Government grade) driving instructor in the Droylsden Area, my structured training courses help people of all ages & experience to become the best (& safest) drivers they can be. Choosing the best instructor will help you get to driving test standard as quickly as possible. 

With James Driver Training You get ALL of this.......

Driving assessments

Useful for those who've had lessons before & want an assessment of how close they are to being test ready.

Driver training progress pack

As we work through topics, the Student & I agree a grade for thier performance in that area.  This ensures time on future sessions isnt waisted working on areas they've already mastered. The progress packs also helps ;


  • Breaks lessons down into small, easy to understand topics.

  • Keeps lessons very focused, all the way to your test. Makes learning to drive easier.
  • Allows you to pinpoint areas that need special attention and improvement.

  • You keep the pack and bring it to every lesson, allowing you to review areas for improvement before each session or just to show others how you are progressing.

Help with the Theory Test

I support each student as much as they need, helping with both the multiple choice question & Hazard perception video clips. Some students only require assistance with odd questions & others need much more intensive assistance. I use extensive training aids & even hazard perception video apps for practice.

Lesson lengths to suit your learning needs

Training sessions can be 1, 1.5 or 2hrs long, whichever suits the trainees needs. 

Flexible pick up/drop off points

Students can be picked up or dropped off at college, home or other locations. 

Mock driving tests

Once students have mastered the DVSA driving sylalabus we start undergoing mock practical driving tests to fully prepare students for their tests.

Traininig Car

Dual controlled peugeot 208 1.6HDI Blue with adjustable seat height & steering to  make the car confortable to drive for people of all heights.

In car training video cameras

During driver training in car video can be useful to help students quickly see for themselves problems they have missed when driving. It enables students to quickly understand what went wrong without having to endlessly repeat the junction/situation hoping to recreate it.

Gift Certificates available

James Driver Training Gift certificates are available for any number of hours required.


As a fully qualified Driving Instructor I am CRB checked by the Government DVSA department & in car training is video recorded for safeguarding & security purposes.

Extra optional training


Motorway Training including ;

1. How to safely enter and exit a motorway
2. Keeping a safe distance from other motorway users
3. Dealing with adverse weather (rain and wind mainly) on a motorway
4. How to cope with and defuse road rage on motorways
5. Learning to safely manage speed on motorways
6. How to remain alert on a long journey
7. How to recognise driver fatigue
8. Anticipate the actions and intensions of other motorway users
9. Rules and motorway signals
10. What to do in the even of a breakdown on a motorway
11. Observation and advanced planning 

Refresher Training

Training for people who've passed the driving test but are still very nervous about driving alone (Inc using Motorways)

Some of our reccomendations (Many more on Google & Facebook)


“Thanks for all your patience on my driving lesson and pass plus.  I couldn’t have done it without you.  You’re a fab instructor!”
(Katie – Clayton)

“Thank you so much for being an AMAZING driving instructor.  I couldn’t have done it without you and could not have passed first time without all of your patience, encouragement and support.  I will always recommend you to others, keep up the good work.”(Helen - Denton)

“Just a big thank you for getting me though my driving test.  Thanks for teaching me so well and being so patient, letting me figure out my own mistakes and how to fix them on my own, Your guidance has been invaluable to me.  I just wish all my Uni tutors were like that!”
(Matt – Newton Heath)

“Thanks for your help and advice because we might not have passed so soon, and with only 3 minors each!! Thank you we will definitely recommend you!” 
(Joanne & Paul – Oldham)